Offshore Taxation Service

Offshore Taxation Service
Service Content Service Fee
Price (HK$)
United Kingdom Value Added Tax (VAT) Apply for U.K. VAT Registration Number 4,000/each Number
Filing of U.K. VAT Returns (Quarterly) 3,000/3 months
Corporate Tax Filing of U.K. Corporate Tax Returns By quotation
Singapore Goods & Services
Tax (GST)
Apply for Singapore GST Registration Number 1,800/each Number
Filing of Singapore GST Returns (Quarterly) 1,800/3 months
Corporate Tax Filing of Singapore Corporate Tax Returns 1,800

** The above Government fee will be adjusted according to the actual charge by the Government


Application for the UK VAT registration to comply with the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) quarterly tax filing requirement regarding sale of products and services to UK consumers. Registered VAT merchants are required to file VAT Return periodically to the HMRC and to pay the calculated VAT payable amount.

  • Flexibility in handling United Kingdom Taxation
  • Enhance competitiveness and customer confidence
  • Simplify the procedure by Professional Taxation Team
  • Support the Application and Filing Returns Quarterly
United Kingdom
Applicant ‧Sole Proprietorship
‧Partnership business
‧ Corporate
(Whether established in the UK or Non-UK areas)
Procedure 1. Sign the UK VAT application form
2. Submit the valid documents:
2.1 Proof of Identity
‧A valid proof of identity of the director / shareholder (original passport)
‧SBC shall issue a Certified True Copy of the valid proof of identity for the application of the UK VAT account
‧Confirmative signature of the Client on the Certified True Copies of identification documents
2.2 Proof of Address
‧Original copy of the utility bill such as electricity bill, water bill or telephone bill issued in the last 3 months
‧Bank Loan statement issued in the last 3 months
‧Birth Certificate
‧Lease Contract
2.3 The name and address of the director / shareholder must be shown clearly on the proof of address with the issued date
3. VAT account number approved by the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
4. Issuance of VAT Registration Certificate
5. Completion of application process
Filing the UK VAT
Returns Quarterly
‧File every 3 months (Declare actual VAT paid for the quarter / month by request)
‧The filing period may be requested to be in line with the financial period during application

Singapore Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a tax levied on the import of goods, and almost all supplies of goods and services in Singapore. Application for the registration of Singapore GST account is necessary in order to comply with the quarterly tax filling requirement of the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) regarding sales of goods and services to Singapore consumers and import customs.

  • Register GST account to enhance competivieness & customer confidence
  • Enjoy GST tax setoff benefit
  • Simple registration & filing GST returns by professional taxation team
  • Support the Application and Filing Returns Quarterly
Requirement ‧GST will be applied compulsorily when the taxable supplies of each year of assessment exceed SG$1Million and the “Compulsory GST Registration” is required.
‧When the taxable supplies of each quarter’s end and the third quarter is less than SG$1Million, it is optional for the merchants to apply for the “Voluntary GST Registration”.
Procedure 1. Complete the GST account application form
2. Submit the background information documents (e.g. Company name, estimated annual turnover,
contact person, products / nature of business)
3. GST account number approved by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)
4. Issuance of the GST registration account number
Filing of GST
Returns Quarterly
File every 3 months (declare actual GST paid & received for the quarter)

All services mentioned are performed in Hong Kong in which the PRC and overseas service points are operates as a point of contact only

We reserve the right to amend any of the prices and relevant terms without any notice when deemed necessary