1. When should arrange for the annual renewal of BVI company after it is incorporated?
BVI company incorporated in or before June should be renewed in April each year to ensure its legal status and recognition. Whereas BVI company incorporated in July to December can be renewed in October each year.
2. What are the advantages of incorporating a BVI company?
As the company information and member detail are kept and maintained at the Registered Agent authorized by the BVI Registry, thus, the information can avoid being access or disclosing by the general public under the business confidentiality of the Registered Agent.
3. What is the tax exposure of a BVI company?
As BVI company does not expose to any tax rule in relation to its business operation and profits in BVI, and therefore it is also not likely to expose to any tax application from other region internationally.
4. Is there any other compliance rule for BVI company?
Basically, except for the annual renewal of the BVI company, the company is not required to submit any other form of annual return or financial statements to the BVI government, thus, this has greatly increase the simplicity of managing a BVI company.
5. Is a BVI company recognized internationally?
BVI company is recognized internationally in which a bank account can be established in China, Hong Kong and many other international region and therefore it is also widely utilized by many listed company.
6. What is the role of a Registered Agent in BVI?
Registered Agent is an intermediate that is specially authorized by the BVI local government as a representative to operate the business management service in relation to the incorporation, annual renewal, change of company name, share increase and transfer, change of director and deregistration of BVI company under the compliance rules of the BVI Registry.
7. What are the advantages of SBC as a Registered Agent?
SBC has a massive network in China and South East Asia and more than 18 years of professional corporation management experience, SBC understands the need and culture of the business investors in the region in which the service quality is guaranteed.
8. What are the benefits for BVI company managed by SBC?
As SBC has more than 10 experienced staffs stationed locally in BVI, thus the simplicity and efficiency of incorporating and managing BVI company are greatly increased. In addition, any BVI company incorporated through SBC would also receive a free Certificated of Incumbency which can be used for bank account opening or other important purpose.
9. What is the operation interface of SBC for the management of BVI company?
SBC has invested a huge amount of resources to develop an interface system to support and manage the large volume of BVI company data. This system can be accessed anywhere via internet 24 hours every day for the company administrator to view the history and latest information of the company. More importantly, it also provides a real time response in the purchase and hold of BVI shelf company via the system.
10. What is the general use of BVI company?
As BVI company is accepted and recognized internationally, thus it is often used for the development of overseas business and tax planning within a business operation. Moreover, it is also a legal entity that is suitable for many investment plan and transfer of asset. In some region, it also plays as a listing vehicle in the stock market.
11. Would it be possible to reuse a BVI company that has not been used and renewed for many years?
An expired BVI company can be used again and reclaim its legal recognition by the settlement of all previous renewal and service fee with the current Registered Agent.
12. Is it possible to change Registered Agent for a BVI company?
Yes, Registered Agent can be changed by a resolution from the Board of Directors upon the settlement of all outstanding fees for the current Registered Agent. The Registered Address and Registered Agent will then be changed to the new Registered Agent with the help of the current one.