Virtual Office Package

Our efficient virtual office service allows businesses to stay in touch with their clients without the need of establishing a physical office. This not only reduces cost but also increases efficiency of your business.


Virtual Office Service include:

  • Having a reputable address in a respected commercial building
  • A designated phone number that is greeted with your company name
  • A team of professional secretary who will forward messages to you in your absence
  • Individual internet-fax number, send and receive anywhere
  • Receiving / Re-directing mails and parcels services


Service Content Annual Fee (HK$)
6 Months
Annual Fee (HK$)
12 Months
Additional Charge (HK$)
1. Registered Address Package 1,740
Package deposit 600
2. Basic Business Package 5,520
2A. Singapore Business Package 3,780
3. Standard Business Package 8,760

Package deposit 600
Package telephone line
connection fee 700
4. Premier Business Package 9,720
5. E-Fax Package 900

Service Content <1>
Registered Address
Basic Business Package
Singapore Business Package
Standard Business Package
Premier Business Package
Registered Address
Registered address for government  
Receiving / Redirecting government mail
Registered address for commercial mail    
Receiving / Redirecting commercial mail / parcel***    
Use of charge services in the Business Centre      
Individual Telephone Line
Individual telephone line        
Call answering by a professional secretary for message taking and notification        
Call answering by a professional secretary and transfer to a designated phone number*          
Automatically forwarding all calls to a designated phone number by the system*          
E fax
Provision of individual fax number    
Fax will be transmitted directly to a designated email for real-time viewing on the internet    
Notification send to your phone number when a fax is received**    
* Applicable for telephone number in Hong Kong only
** Applicable for telephone number in Hong Kong and China only
***Receiving Parcel only applicable for Hong Kong's Package Service

First time application additional charges
‧Package deposit (Applicable for package 1-4)
‧Package telephone line installation fee (Applicable for package 3&4)

Additional charge for extra registrar
‧Only 2 registrars are included for each of the packages above in which an additional charge HK$100 per month will be applied for any extra registrar with a maximum of 4 registrars to be included in a package

All services mentioned are performed in Hong Kong in which the PRC and Oversea offices are operates as a point of contact only.
We reserve the right to amend any of the prices and relevant terms without any notice when deemed necessary.


info Terms and Conditions - Virtual Office Package


info Terms and Conditions - Virtual Office Package (2A)