Corporate Management

1. What are the characteristics of virtual office services?
Providing Hong Kong office address, dedicated telephone line and dedicated fax line to different companies; With the convenient and flexible location of the services, save the high rental cost for a real office, thereby enhancing the professional image of the company.
2. Are calls transferred automatically or manually for the divert call function in the Communication Packages? Could calls be directly transferred to a phone number in China?
Within office hours, calls shall be answered by a secretary and then transferred to the number provided by the client; outside office hours, all incoming calls shall be transferred to the number provided by the client directly. The divert call function only applies to Hong Kong telephone numbers.
3. What is E fax service?
Our company provide separate and dedicated fax line. Fax received shall be forwarded to a designated electronic mailbox immediately; In comparison with traditional fax machines, client may receive fax anytime anywhere without geographical limitation.
4. What is the difference between the registered address and correspondence address of a Hong Kong limited company?
The registered address is the address that a Hong Kong limited company registered with the government for receiving any letters from the government. The correspondence address is the address for receiving business letters or small parcels.