Apart from the accounting and arrangement of audit works, a well-managed internal management can enhance the management quality and profitability of the corporate. SBC provides a diversify accounting related services which enable the client to save costs and obtain information to facilitate the corporate management and internal operation analysis.


Physical Count Service

  • Perform difference types of tangible asset count (e.g. Stock, fixed asset and cash etc.)
  • Outline the stock control details to facilitate the operation efficiency
  • Comply with the independent physical count on tangible asset


Personal Asset Assessment

  • Prepare personal asset report
  • Facilitate the process time for investment immigration application of Hong Kong
  • Personal asset report that comply with the requirement of Immigration Department of Hong Kong
  • Trusty service handled by professional accountant


Internal Control Review

  • Risk assessment and management to strengthen the risk handling and reactivity
  • Operation assessment and management for the review of income and cost control
  • Treasury control protects the interest of the shareholder
  • Human resources control ensure the proper allocation of human resources and compliance
  • Compliance control ensure a comprehensive management system of the corporate
  • Improve operation flow to enhance operation efficiency and profitability


Due Diligence Exercise for Company

Conduct due diligence exercise with certain agreed upon procedures to review the Company’s documents and financial information based on the client expectations and the agreement of the Company in order to enhance the understanding of the compliance and financial status of the Company.


Tax Planning

Review the background and operation model of the business by a professional Hong Kong Certified Tax Advisor to design for a comprehensive tax planning in accordance with the applicable tax laws and current conditions to maximize the tax benefits of the Company.


IVA / Corporate Debt Restructuring

Detail analysis of the client’s financial background and credit status hence provide professional advice and individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) / corporate debt restructuring plan by a Registered Financial Planner in Hong Kong.


Application for Liquidation of HK Limited Company

Appointment of an experienced Certified Public Accountant as a liquidator to arrange for the voluntary liquidation process with necessary filings and accounts preparation.


Pre-IPO Advisory

Professional Pre-IPO advisory services provided by our experienced Certified Public Accountant in order to comply with the requirements of the Hong Kong Listing Rules.



Service Content Price (HK$)
Stocktake Service (Per Location & Item) 5,800
Personal Asset Report (For the use of investment migration) 55,200
Internal Control Review By quotation
Due Diligence Exercise for Company By quotation
Tax Planning By quotation
IVA / Corporate Debt Restructuring By quotation
Application for Liquidation of HK Limited Company By quotation
Pre-IPO Advisory By quotation


*Additional service fee will be charged according to the complexity of the business


All services mentioned are performed in Hong Kong in which the PRC and Oversea offices are operates as a point of contact only.
We reserve the right to amend any of the prices and relevant terms without any notice when deemed necessary.