Tax Representative

The low tax rate in Hong Kong provides an ideal business environment to facilitate the development of corporate investment and business expansion. The professional team of SBC are experienced in taxation handling which provides appropriate taxation advice and comprehensive taxation services according to the client’s business nature and needs.


  • Prepare Profits Tax Computation
  • Submission of all types of tax returns
  • Handle difference types of enquiry and offshore profits exemption application with the Inland Revenue Department
  • ┬áProvide professional taxation advice according to the client’s business requirement
  • Trustworthily supported by numerous successful cases
  • Simple and reasonable taxation policy at a low tax rate
  • Filing a tax return to comply with the regulations does not necessary mean to pay tax
  • No need to pay tax if no profits is made
  • Simple requirement on the invoice and receipt
  • No limitation on the expenditure item and amount
  • Flexible tax filing deadline
  • Loss incurred can be compensated for the future profits without any limitation continuously
  • Tax charge based on territory source of income
  • No tax apply on after tax dividend
  • Maintain the company’s legitimacy by avoiding late filing penalty


info Hong Kong Salaries Tax Allowances, Deductions and the Rate